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Lady Sunflower

My name is Kenady Cummings, and im 19 years old. I moved from the little ski town of Breckenridge Colorado to Santa Barbara, California to start going to college by the beach. Im going to school to major in biology and psychology, to study the interactions between body and mind. On the side I really enjoy writing, and traveling. My family has been traveling for as long as I can remember. They have taken me to Costa Rica, Mexico, Italy, Switzerland, Thailand, Laos and Cambodia. I just started my blog on my Thailand trip, but I still plan to travel much more and keep updating my it.

I started blogging because when you look up traveling tips most of them are from a perspective of someone older than the age I am now, and families are traveling with their kids more and more because they didnt when they were younger. I definitely think a few tips would come in handy, or just if someone my age decided they wanted to travel, some advice will always be good.

I would not describe myself as a tom boy or easy going. I actually am terrified of bugs, pretty high maintenance (like most teenagers)  and not even a huge fan of hiking, yet ALMOST every place I have traveled, I got to see everything, nothing was too expensive and I enjoyed it. You just need to find ways around all the little things that bug you..literally, haha and thats why im here!

I have only ever traveled with my family, so when ever i decide to travel solo or with friends it will be a whole new adventure. My mom has a blog, Courtney Kenady, and so does my little sister Carly Rose.