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Ban Rak Thai

Posted on Dec 7, 2013 by in Northern Thailand | 0 comments


This place was definitely not my favorite….very far out of the way, not a lot of places to stay, very low key, about 2 restaurants, one main street and half of it are people selling tea. The Myanmmar border is right there, which is pretty cool and the like in the center of the town was very beautiful but it was extremely boring. No body spoke english, there were no signs in english, the menus were just pictures and very limited wifi. It was an adventure talking to people and eating but I would only advise you stay there for one night unless you like being secluded from the world. I would tell you the bungalows we stayed at, but it was only in Thai, so I dont know the name, but it was the first place on the right as u drove down the one main street, with a big dragon out front…haha They actually made really good fried rice, but your dinner menu was your breakfast menu as well. Good Luck!

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