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Posted on Nov 28, 2013 by in Northern Thailand | 1 comment


In order for us to get to Pai we had to take a mini bus from Chiang Mai on a road that had something around 700 turns. People on the bus were getting sick, but the driver did not seem to care. We had an option to take motor bikes but none of us really felt totally comfortable, fly, or bus it, and thats what we chose. I suggest trying the motorbikes, the view, the breeze, the control of your on vehicle, controlling your speed, are all really nice factors.

Once we got to Pai, it was everything we heard it was….2 main streets, and surrounded in rain forest. We knew that our time here was going to be short for there was only a couple waterfalls, temples, and some hot springs to check out. We stayed at Pai In Town. It was a nice place, pretty cheap, comfortable beds, nice bathrooms, actually right in town, walking distance from everything. It was a muslim hotel, but we didnt know that until we got there but it didnt make a difference in any way.

We made it up to a waterfall called Mae Pang about a 10 minute motor bike ride out of town, and barely any walk at all. People like to just hang out at the waterfall and read, some people swim around at the bottom even though it was freezing cold water. Me, my sister and some other boy were sliding down it. It was fun to do for a couple hours till we got hungry!

We also went and saw the big white Buddha on mountain side. Also pretty amazing, super close to town, must see, easy to get to from motor bike and just amazing how they got all the materials to the location.  There is also a awesome view up there, and another cool temple that had monks there while we were.

The next day we did all have food poisoning. Im not sure what it was that caused it, but all 4 of us go it, and we tried to narrow it down but we didnt have much luck. So the whole next day was basically chilling at the hotel to make sure a bathroom was in the near distance incase of an emergency haha of course we forget the diarrhea pills at home in America.

We all slowly recovered and went to the hot springs the next day, which was 200 baht a person, totally worth it. Super cool springs, about 5 different pools, all about 32 or 33 degrees celcius. I would suggest going on a colder day, but even though it was hot it was still super relaxing. Again, easy access with motor bike, right outside of town, little snack stand there with cold drinks, bathrooms and changing rooms.

The Pai Canyon was beautiful as well. You can choose to take long hikes or just do little ones to check out different views. The trails arent “normal” trails you could say…super skinny, kinda sketch but thats what makes it fun. I would say the views are spectacular but we only spent a total of about a half hour there.

The last thing we did was go to another waterfall but this one was much cooler. It was much taller, deeper bottom to jump and swim around in. It was about a 5 minute hike to it and great for taking photos. It was a right turn off the main road, definitely take motor bikes, about a 15 minute ride from Pai.

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  1. That’s so beautiful I wish I was there with you guys!:)

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